Tremendous Tricks To Use IGTV For Your Business

The popularity of IGTV has skyrocketed since its launch. It’s a long-term video content channel that helps you to connect with your potential Instagram followers. After some experimentation and researching, here are the fantastic tricks to boost your business scale through IGTV(Instagram TV).

IGTV is the vertical long-term video content channel similar to YouTube. The channel is optimized for 9:16 vertical videos as you can also upload 16:9 horizontal videos. No need for any editing skills to upload content on IGTV. It accepts personal and unpolished content. You can post videos up to 10 minutes long, and you could post an hour of video if you have a massive following or posting using a desktop. Let’s dive into the fantastic tricks.


Create A Perfect Title And Description For Your Video

Ensure to attract your audience within the 20 characters of your video title. Also, bring your video’s title and description effectively. Come up with an attention-catching video title in just three words at the start. 


Use The Link In Video Description Through Including A CTA

IGTV’s primary plus is to add a link to your site in the video description. Use the link option in the bio section of IGTV with an attracting CTA to purchase your products or to your blog posts. You can use the IGTV preview with CTA to lead the audience to check your link in the bio section via your IGTV platform.


Select A Cover Picture That Supports Every Three Dimensions

When utilizing the feed preview feature, ensure to optimize your cover picture of IGTV to support every three available dimensions. Don’t select the screenshot that is taken randomly from the videos. You can come up with the three designs that well fit 1:1 square, 4:5 portrait, and 9:16 on IGTV. Go with your feed trustability on Instagram with presets, brand colors, and filters for visual consistency.


Including Video Title And Caption Helps Viewer Retention

If you want to gain your IGTV videos retention, including title and caption to the video entirely is the sudden fix. Since major users view videos on mobile devices, including captions in your IGTV videos is accessible to those who watch it on mute. There are various online tools available for adding texts and editing video content.


Spread Video Content On Instagram Stories Via Swipe Up Feature 

The favorite factor of integrating IGTV and Instagram is using the stories swipe-up feature. If you are forwarding to a new IGTV video, you could add a clickable link to your videos(no need to have 10K followers), and followers could swipe up to play the videos.


Utilize The Poll Feature To Get Your Audience Ideas On IGTV

Are you confused about what to post on IGTV? Is your audience not engaging with your videos? Using the Instagram stories poll feature, get your audience’s thoughts and craft videos according to the poll results. Utilize a poll feature providing two video options or use question stickers to understand your audience’s needs. Not only this, but it also helps gain more views for your Instagram stories and increases your social presence on the platform.


Premier Your Videos To Gain Views And Retention

How could you get your audience to create eagerness while creating your IGTV content? Showcase any BTS(Behind The Scenes) on your Instagram stories or upload any funny bloopers while creating your IGTV videos. To create hype, showcase a 30-sec video preview of your IGTV video. It’s a great time to utilize the countdown sticker on your Instagram stories section.

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