Two Printing Techniques For Custom Printed Boxes UK

What do the phrases custom printed boxes UK, custom printed boxes no minimum UK, Custom Packaging Boxes UK, and packing boxes UK all mean?

They also mention UK and suggest customised packaging. One of the best methods to effectively launch your brand and products on the market is with custom packaging.

There are many ways to sell your goods, but I believe employing personalised prints can be a sensible choice.

You can build bespoke packaging that not only looks amazing but also helps to boost your brand by adding custom prints on the packaging.

The bespoke boxes can be covered with eye-catching unique printing that can support your marketing objectives.

This blog will cover all the details of making striking bespoke prints for wholesale boxes. We’ll go over the many printing techniques available. In addition, we’ll explore how they impact packaging boxes with bespoke printing.

Printing Methods For Individually Printed Boxes.

You can move a picture from one area to another with the aid of printing procedures. These photographs may be digitised or created as plates for offset printing, among other formats.

The benefits and drawbacks of various approaches vary. The use of digital and offset printing methods to produce custom printed boxes will be covered in this section.

Using digital printing.

Making custom printed boxes in small quantities is perfect for digital printing. That is not to argue that this approach cannot manage orders with high volume. Simply said, it saves money when dealing with modest orders.

It functions with the aid of a digitalized image that is present on a computer, laptop, etc., as was previously indicated. The image may be simply modified because it is stored digitally. As a result, you can experiment with different printing to find which works best for your personalised boxes.

It is simple and affordable to set up the digital printer. As a result, this approach delivers a speedy turnaround.

Ink sprays are used to make it operate. The airborne ink droplets combine to create the print’s final colour. Because ink is transported by air, the prints’ results are not very accurate. When it comes to colour constancy on larger surfaces, you might be disappointed.

Using Offset Printing.

Offset printing has been used for a very long time. The image is transferred using a variety of plates. Prior to printing, these plates must be created, which takes time and work.

Additionally, altering the unique print design may be challenging and necessitate re-forming of printing plates. As a result, this approach is only advised after the design is complete.

Going with offset printing might also be beneficial when the volume is quite huge. You would then have enough cash to make this process affordable.

Setting up this method yourself demands some technical knowledge. Multiple elements must be controlled.

For small run sizes, offset printing is more expensive than digital printing. The situation is different for bulk orders or boxes with bespoke printing, though.

The offset printing process involves several steps. The inking of the plates is the initial step. Various processes for this phase have been seen throughout the evolution of machines. In some, the plates are put through an inking roller. Others, on the other hand, use dipping or brushing techniques to transfer ink.

The plates push on the substrate in the second stage, leaving precise impressions.

Offset printing uses pre-mixed inks. The print quality is also excellent since the transfer from the printing plate to the substrate is controlled.

There are other alternatives in addition to the two printing methods we have just covered.

The following considerations can be useful to keep in mind when choosing a printing method:

print excellence


Reaction Time

Possibility Of Design Change

Efficacy Of Process

Cost of establishing

After talking about some factors to consider when choosing printing methods, let’s move on to the second essential element of a fantastic custom printed box: the colours.


We talked about several printing methods. We examined their potential impact on your custom-printed boxes.

Therefore, keep in mind the printing techniques that can help you leave a lasting impression on clients the next time you search for “custom printed boxes UK,” “Custom Packaging Boxes UK,” or “custom printed boxes no minimum UK.”

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