Various Types of Ambulance Services

Various Types of Ambulance Services

Ambulance services are the services that are used for meeting emergencies. These situations therefore can be due to injuries mainly caused by road accidents, and various other illnesses. There are different situations with different people. Some people have critical health conditions, and some people have normal conditions, so everyone can have access to ambulances. But which type of ambulance is to be called up solely depends on the problem and the situation of the person. You can check out ambulance services in Chandigarh to know deeply about the ambulance services and the type of ambulance services which are needed in various conditions depending on the situation.

There are various types of ambulance services that manage different types of conditions. Now we know there are different types of emergency conditions in various aspects, so different types of ambulance services are designed to meet different emergency conditions. You can check the best ambulance services in Chandigarh providing all types of services from road ambulance to air ambulances having well-trained staff and with quality services. 

Here are some types of ambulance services that help you in dealing out stressful situations in a better way. As ambulance services help in dealing the situations immediately and effectively. As they treat the patient to reduce the risk of mishaps. 

Types of Ambulance services

Basic ambulance services

This is the general type of ambulance service that is commonly seen in day-to-day life. Basic ambulances are handled by Emergency Medical technicians (EMT) that usually transport patients who require basic supervision in minor or uncritical cases. For example- mild fractures, sub-acute conditions. These types of ambulance services consist of beds, pulse oximeters, and oxygen deliveries, etc.

Advanced ambulance services 

These are the types of ambulance services that are usually needed in terms of critical cases. These are the ambulances that contain advanced equipment to give treatment to the people who are critical so that things don’t get excessively bad. To reduce the chances of mishappening, advanced ambulance services are introduced. These types of ambulance services are additionally equipped with ECG monitors, defibrillators, intravenous and other blood drawing tools. Generally, people will have high-risk conditions and cardiac patients are lifted in advanced ambulances to reduce the chances of mishappenings that can occur if initial treatment is not given to the patient properly. 

Mortuary Ambulance Services

This is the type of ambulance service that is needed to transport the dead bodies from hospitals to homes, etc. These types of ambulance services are also known as hearse van services. This type of ambulance service contains a freezer box in which the dead body is kept. The medical staff firmly takes care of the things that are needed in this type of transport. They always maintain safety guidelines as issued by the authorities till they deliver the body to the desired place.

Neonatal Ambulance services

These types of ambulance services are aimed at reducing neonatal mortality rates. These ambulances are used to carry the infants to the hospitals for better care. These types of ambulance services are equipped with incubators for children.

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