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Under the leadership of Narain Singh, Indian multinational engineering business was established in 1993. With a strong focus on quality assurance procedures, they have become one of India’s most prominent suppliers for O.E.M components and are today market leader!

We’re more than just another machine shop; we specialize in producing high-quality components and provide exceptional client service. Our team’s broad experience across many sectors allows them to always comprehend exactly what you want, no matter how complicated it may appear!

We have a wide range of goods for your locomotive requirements, from basic components like torque rods and springs to more specialized ones. If you’re unsure which product is appropriate for the situation or application, just ask!

Locomotive Engine Manufacturer

We are the original equipment producer (OEM) of KitGaskets/gasket sets, rubber components, EMD locomotive parts, EMD Engines Marine, and metal-bonded goods. We have been authorized suppliers for India’s railroads, making us one of the most important producers and vendors in this sector.

We specialize in providing camshafts, crankshafts, connecting rods, and valvetrain components for EMD 567 / 645 engine models as well as ALCO 251 & GE FDL engines.

Locomotives are complicated machines, and no one else should be allowed to operate them. That is why we have an Indian Railways R&D team on board who understands what needs to be done from each component in order for these engines-in-the-making to operate properly!

Our Indian Railways R&D department has successfully boosted the horsepower of EMD 16-710 from 4000 to 4500 HP. Each and every component is subjected to our rigorous quality inspections before dispatch in order to ensure that we can deliver an engine with international standards in mind.

Our objective is to ensure that you get the best possible service based on your input. We think that a group effort will generally outperform the results obtained by single-person efforts, so we welcome all ideas from you!

We would be delighted to provide you with quotations for any emd locomotive components/parts that are not included on our website.

We service clients in the United States, Bangladesh, and throughout India.

We provide the best possible quality parts and delivery every time!

We guarantee top production of train components by following rigorous design, product manufacturing, testing, and packaging standards. We ensure that our EMD locomotive parts meet stringent quality standards and are long-lasting. We design and build EMD locomotive components that can sustain high temperatures and higher loads. The engines in EMD trains are durable and can handle harsh environments. Each year, through our network of blended manufacturing and reconditioning with emd parts, we assist businesses to save money on operating expenses. We invest in increasing our product and service offerings in order to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients. We can assist our customers by creating efficient, smart, and sturdy designs that meet their requirements.

Diesel push-pull trains may cruise at tremendous speeds while transporting huge freight and passenger cars, whereas diesel main engines would be ideal for changing loads in areas with sparse traffic, such as factories.

With any of our locomotive drives, you get the most uptime and dependability possible while also having easy maintenance and a long waiting time between overhauls (to).

Entering the 21st century, we have brought to market a wide range of environmentally friendly products that address environmental concerns.

EMD Engines Mermaid The Electro-Motive Diesel EMD 23 engine is an excellent option for running your company’s demands. This two-cycle design is reliable and can be relied on to satisfy both power and fuel requirements while also meeting current worldwide environmental standards! We provide a broad variety of EMD spare parts to meet your demands. We also provide reconditioned engines, allowing you to get back up and running fast!

EMD is a South African-based engineering firm that specializes in diesel-electric locomotives and rail industry products.

Engine technology that has been tested and proven For efficient and low-emitting engines, we utilize fuel injection.

Expertise in railway engines We provide designs that are developed and produced by a single source

Large, heavy engines for rapid transportation It’s the most important thing for an automobile

Design of a small engine We use a small engine room to create a low-space-consuming design

Important We create trustworthy designs that are sure to stand the test of time.

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