What are Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer?

What are Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer?

Women can have the presence of cancerous cells in their cervix at a certain phase in their life. Following that, an individual may have no symptoms at the beginning of cervical cancer. In general, one’s cervical cancer symptoms may come up slowly. Here, the women need to note these symptoms for their analysis. Besides that, a person may take early action to prevent its cause. So, one can consult the doctors of VS Hospital Chetpet.

Therefore, an individual can come across this article to know more about cervical cancer. Mainly, one can assess the top symptoms underlying this condition.


What are the most common symptoms of cervical cancer?

Most importantly, the person may notice absolutely no symptoms at the initial stage of cervical cancer. Following that, an individual may feel its signs after a while. A woman may have vaginal bleeding in common with this disease. However, people’s signs may vary as per their existing health conditions.

So, one’s common cervical cancer symptoms may include the following:

  • Discomfort while having sexual intercourse
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Having a strong odor in vaginal discharge
  • Bleeding in post-menopausal women
  • Experiencing blood flow after sexual intercourse
  • Pelvic pain
  • Having vaginal discharge along with blood

Hence, a woman may have multiple signs that can indicate the occurrence of cervical cancer. Besides that, people may have other causes of these symptoms as well. So, one should go for a health check-up after noticing these symptoms.

How many Stages of Cervical Cancer are there?

Necessarily, people must know about the stage of cervical cancer for its treatment. In general, one may know the complexity of cancerous cells through this. Besides that, the person can know whether cancer cells have spread to distant organs or not.

So, one’s stage of cervical cancer may include the following:

  • Stage 0

Here, an individual may notice the presence of precancerous cells.

  • Stage 1

Primarily, a woman may find the growth of cancer cells in the deeper tissue of the cervix. Moreover, one’s cancerous cells may spread in the uterus and lymph nodes.

  • Stage 2

One’s cancer cells in stage 2 go beyond the area of the cervix and the uterus. Following that, one’s lymph nodes may or may not be hampered in this stage.

  • Stage 3

People may experience the presence of cancer cells in the lower part of the vagina. Here, an individual’s uterus may get blocked, hampering urine flow. Eventually, the person won’t disturb his nearby lymph nodes in this process.

  • Stage 4

Generally, one’s stage 4 is the most crucial phase of cervical cancer that can turn fatal. Moving on, a woman’s bladder and rectum get troubled with cancer cells here. Following that, one’s lymph nodes may or may not impact this stage. Here, an individual’s cancer cells may spread to distant organs like the liver, bones, and lungs.


How can you treat the symptoms of Cervical Cancer?

There are multiple ways of treating the symptoms of cervical cancer. In general, the doctor may look at the reports of diagnostic tests for analysis. Besides that, an individual’s health conditions must also be considered.

So, one can treat cervical cancer symptoms in the following ways:

  • Chemotherapy

An oncologist uses chemo drugs to alleviate the causes of cervical cancer. A doctor can inject it into a vein or give it through the mouth. Following that, one’s drugs enter the bloodstream to reach every part of the body. Simultaneously, an individual’s cancer cell gets killed in this process.

  • Radiation Therapy

Doctors may use high-energy x-rays to kill cancer cells in the cervix. Mainly, an oncologist may use radiation therapy depending upon the cancer’s stage. Eventually, an individual may be recommended to have surgical intervention and radiation therapy. However, one needs to remain familiar with the potential side effects of radiation.

  • Immunotherapy

Doctors use immunotherapy to regulate the body’s natural defenses to fight off cancer cells. Here, an oncologist’s main aim lies in boosting the immune system to defeat cancer. Following that, one’s entire health conditions may be improved with its use.

  • Surgery

People may go for surgical intervention at the earliest stage of cervical cancer. An individual can remove the cancerous cells affecting the cervix in this manner. Following that, the person’s fallopian tubes may also be removed.

Therefore, one can go through several treatments for cervical cancer for their reference. Simultaneously, an individual may discuss the same with their concerned doctor. A person may come across the total expense of treatment procedures in doing so.

How can you prevent the cause of cervical cancer?

One can choose several measures to reduce the chance of having cervical cancer. Following that, an individual’s cervical cancer symptoms can be attained here. However, the person’s lifestyle modifications may aid a lot in this.

So, an individual can prevent the cause of cervical cancer in the following ways:

  • Going for Safe Sex

An individual must know that HPV vaccination assures protection from just two strains. Following that, a person needs to use a condom while having sex. Here, one may avoid having infection through sexual transmission considerably.

  • Avoid Smoking

Generally, a person must remain aware of the risk that smoking has on forming cancer. An individual can damage their DNA to a large extent by smoking constantly. Besides that, one can improve their overall health in this manner.

  • Quit Alcohol Intake

One’s intake of alcohol may increase the mortality rate concerning cervical cancer. An individual may have the chance of cancer recurrence by its consumption. So, a woman needs to stop the excess intake of alcohol from experiencing health benefits. Even one’s cancer treatment can work effectively after ignoring its intake.

  • Having fewer sex partners

A woman must remember the risk concerning the transmission of the HPV virus. Following that, an individual may become prone to cervical cancer. Moreover, the person’s immune system may turn weak by getting infected with the HPV virus.

Therefore, an individual can have multiple options for ensuring the prevention of the HPV virus. Furthermore, the person must always use protection while having sex.


People need to have a deep understanding of the symptoms that can confirm cervical cancer. In doing so, an individual can reach the best possible means of treatment rapidly. Besides that, a woman needs to know about each treatment in detail. Following that, the person can talk to their oncologist regarding their treatment plan. Furthermore, one must follow the preventive measures to avoid cervical cancer. Eventually, an individual may contact the doctors of VS Hospital Chetpet for this cause.

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