What are the Advantages of CBSE over State Boards?

The dilemma of choosing between CBSE and State Boards is common among most parents. However, parents have begun to prefer CBSE schools for their children for several reasons. 

Here Are Some Reasons Why Parents Prefer Cbse Schools Over State Boards

Standard syllabus

CBSE schools have the same syllabus, irrespective of the school’s location. Thus, the same level would have the same syllabus across all CBSE schools. However, State boards lack this homogeneity across all states. Each state government controls these schools and generally have a different syllabus. 

Hence, one school may focus more on science while the other might focus on humanities, making the education standard unequal across different states. Sometimes the State boards’ syllabi are not in line with the expected education standards, making it challenging for the students in the future. 

Student-friendly environment

CBSE schools have a more friendly environment compared to the State boards. The latter upholds the rigid education structure that is outdated. Hence, CBSE schools can help children interact with their teachers freely and talk about their issues. Such an environment gives greater scope for development amongst the students, and this is something State Boards lack. 

Greater number of schools

The number of State board schools is limited everywhere. On the other hand, you would find several CBSE schools near your place. Thus, it is easier to look for CBSE schools by switching to your location and searching for the ‘best CBSE schools near me‘. 

The availability of a more significant number of schools also prevents overcrowding in a single school, which helps in better education standards. Parents can also look for a nearby international school with a CBSE syllabus. 

Greater focus on other activities

CBSE schools aim toward personality development amongst the children. They do not just support gaining knowledge through reading textbooks. Instead, they encourage students to participate in various activities to ensure physical and emotional growth. Such activities help students mix and also refresh their minds. 

These extracurricular options are limited in State boards, where they only focus on academic learning. Such an education structure limits the students’ development. CBSE schools also focus on social work and often make it compulsory. These help students to aid the poor and needy and develop as dependable human beings. 

Better for competitive exams

The CBSE syllabus helps students prepare for several competitive exams. Their exam structure with MCQs aligns with the former exam structures that help students practice from a young age. Most of these exams also follow the CBSE syllabus, which gives an added advantage to the students. 

Better practical skills

The CBSE syllabus helps students develop practical skills. Unlike State boards, which only focus on theories, CBSE schools help students develop practical skills through lab work. At the same time, these help students develop greater interest in the subjects and develop analytical skills. These help students in the future as they are generally more skilled and have better practical knowledge than State board students. 

Knowing better practical skills and having more profound knowledge helps CBSE students appear and crack various interviews. They carry a sense of confidence in them that helps them answer complex questions easily and impress others.  


Though it is complicated to answer which board is undoubtedly the best, parents must consider CBSE schools for several reasons. While these schools have a uniform academic standard, their syllabus is also in tune with global standards. CBSE schools are also known for their range of facilities that help students grow a strong personality. Thus, CBSE schools are both great for one’s academics and personality development.

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