What are the most beautiful places in Europe?

Europe, a collection of 51 gorgeous countries is among the most loved continent across the world. Build up of vast landscapes, rugged volcanic lands, rustic mountains, dense forests, and deep coastlines. Everything about Europe is nothing less than spectacular.

Although every part of this magnificent continent is gorgeous, few are having an upper hand in beauty. And the list of the most beautiful places in Europe in summer and winter is based upon this narrative only.

Let’s know what are the most beautiful places in Europe

Provence, France

The lavender beauty Provence is a vibrant city. The compact Michelin-starred restaurants and the long stretched lavender fields improvise its scenic beauty. Walk upon the well-cemented roads or adore great art pieces at Cezanne and Matisse.

The snow-white beaches of Provence are perfect for a leisure holiday. Spend hours relaxing in front of the beach adorning its scenic beauty. Go hiking to nearby mountain passes or get lost in the sapphire blue Mediterranean sea.

Storr, Scotland

Fell the closest to the sky at the Stor, Scotland. This Scottish land is part of the west side of the country and is the most beautiful one among all. With picturesque landscape and paranormal views, the Storr is equipped with jaw-dropping beauty.

Spend your days walking up the gorgeous hiking trails and collecting bundles of mixed memories. Or relax beside the rugged coastline and enjoy the best time of your life.

Venice, Italy

A place like no other, Venice, Italy, is one of the most romantic places on earth. The popular gondola rides become heavenly during sunsets while the cruise ships show a whole new side of Venice, Italy. A picture-perfect location, Venice provides great backgrounds for your new Instagram feed pictures.

Take guided or self tours at Palazzi and explore the rich Venice’s history or take a cruise to adore its beauty. There are various aspects to Venice’s beauty and everything available to do and to visit at Venice brings you closer to this charismatic city.

Krakow, Poland

The must-visit city of Poland, Krakow is a city of great architecture, busy pubs, and compact cafes. The rich and engaging museums of Krakow are an absolute treat for history and art lovers. Take direct flights to Poland from USA to visit the gorgeous old town of the city.

Spend time adoring the beauty of St. Mary’s Basilica, and Florian’s Gator dines at Krakow’s famous Kazimierz district. A paradise for food lovers Krakow serves the best of Polish cuisine dishes with a jaw-dropping presentation.

Berlin, Germany

Take direct flights to Germany from USA to land in Germany’s most interesting city, Berlin. A budgeted traveler’s paradise, Berline is a city of culture, traditions, and beauty. No matter what a traveler wants from Berlin, this German capital contains something in store for everyone.

Things to do in Berlin include visiting museums, art galleries, shopping, and many epic adventures. For travelers, the gorgeous Berlin islands with beautiful coastal lines are absolute paradise.

Picos de Europa, Spain

Tucked in northern Spain, Picos de Eupora is a picturesque mountain range enveloped with luscious greens. Providing one of the best scenic views, this Spanish location constitutes several rugged mountain peaks and gorgeous plateau regions.

Popular among adventurous souls, it provides hiking, rock climbing, and paragliding opportunities to its tourists. Explore the local National Park to be thrilled by the flora and fauna of this region.

Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria

One of the most popular and picturesque Berlin locations, Seven Rila Lakes, represents the true Berlin beauty. Living in the southwestern part of Bulgaria, Seven Rila Lakes shimmers with the sunlight. Made up of small streams, intimate waterfalls, and gorgeous scenery each lake of the seven owns a different name based upon its characteristics.

Spend ample time noticing the changes in the shapes and figures of these 7 lakes to find out the characteristics.

Salzburg, Vienna

Having a shared border with Germany, Salzburg, Vienna, is a story of two cities separated by the popular Salzach river. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Salzburg is famous among history geeks for its ancient architecture and medieval buildings. A paradise for music lovers and one of the most beautiful places in Europe, Salzburg is where the Sound of Music has been filmed.

well connected through a public transportation system, Salzburg is easy to explore the city. Providing the best food, great music, and picturesque sceneries all at once.

Pilsen, Czech Republic

One of the most colorful towns in Europe, Pilsen, is the birthplace of the famous Pilsner Beer. Pilsen is 50 miles away from Prague and has much to offer to its travelers. The Bohemian city is a budget-friendly destination with cheap accommodations and free-flowing beer.

Spend your evening dining in a fine restaurant or at a local pub while clucking your beer mugs with others. The compact Prague, Pilsen, provides a great view of the city within a limited time.

Faroe Islands, Denmark

A group of 18 magnificent islands, the Faroe Islands, are tucked between Iceland and Scandinavia. Living in the northern Atlantic, these 18 islands are uniquely beautiful and are equipped with great flora and fauna. Awarded as the top traveling destination several times, Faroe islands are decorated with gorgeous landscapes.

The intimate waterfalls, rich coastlines, and water of the Atlantic are all pearls studded to the beauty of these islands. Perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating these islands, provide the best seafood dishes you have ever tasted.

Tbilisi, Georgia

A hidden European gem, Tbilisi is a lessor know as the traveling paradise of Georgia. A budget-friendly traveling location in Tbilisi can be explored for as little as $25 a day. Providing the best of Georgian cuisine and picturesque sceneries, Tbilisi is a great destination in this region.

Visit the local wineries to taste some exquisite wine as the city is among the oldest wine regions across the world. Or, enjoy the great nightlife that the city provides by visiting the hipster bars.

The romantic road, Germany

The most beautiful place in Germany, the romantic road is equipped with rich culture, worthy heritage, and picturesque sceneries. A great getaway to peek into medieval history, the romantic road is tucket between Fussen and Wurzburg.

The colorful villages and medieval churches on the romantic road are perfect for a stay and to connect with locals.



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