What Are the Risks of Immigration?

What Are the Risks of Immigration?

Do you even know how many people have done it? According to The World Migration Report 2020, 281 million people live permanently outside their country.

Besides, many people want to migrate to their desired country. But there are many risks of immigration that all should know. That is why here we are discussing what the risks of immigration are. Read on this article to get all the regarding information about this topic.

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Common risks of Immigration to a foreign country

One who wants to immigrate to somewhere else from his or her own country permanently for life and work, s/he has to accept that s/he is going to do something risky.

Leaving own home and going to a completely unknown place can be inhospitable and full of complexity. Besides, there are many more risks one has to consider before immigrating somewhere.

The most significant risks of immigration are given below:

The exploitation of labor:

The exploitation of labor is a very common term for immigrants. For your information, most of the immigrants who immigrate to a country as labor face these kinds of problems.

Besides, in some countries, exploitation by smugglers is also found. That means some criminal smugglers target the immigrant and exploit them. Besides, they put immigrants in a dangerous situation.

Ultimately, the life of the immigrants and their families have become hell.

Kidnapping and Ransoms:

There are many stories of migrant kidnapping in the world. Nigeria, Mauritania, Mali, and many other countries in West Africa are very notorious for this crime.

Besides, there are also many stories like these in Libya. Criminals, generally, target innocent and naïve immigrants who are new and kidnap them.

After that, they call immigrants’ families and demand a ransom. Criminals also torture the immigrants until their families pay the ransom. The most pathetic matter is that most people emigrate to another country to be financially stable and have a good life.

Ultimately, the immigrant becomes a burden for their family by this kidnapping.

Lack of access to service:

We know and see directly that many countries are very good at immigration.

Especially, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Spain, Finland, and many others are very famous for the work environment, study, and standard of living. These countries always welcome new immigrants and try to provide the best environment.

However, on the contrary, many countries are not immigrant-friendly. There are some rules in those countries that immigrants will not be able to perform many kinds of services.

Besides, there are many relevant reasons why immigrants don’t get access to perform different types of services.


Prostitution is a major problem for many countries around the world. It might happen through smuggling or kidnapping, also called human trafficking. Selling or trafficking women or your girls are some of them.

All the countries should have more rules and regulations for immigrants to provide enough security to them and avoid these situations. These types of human trafficking have been conducted for a long time in many countries, and many innocent women have become their victims.


Slavery is also a very common risk of immigration which should be known almost by all.

In some countries, some criminals target new immigrants and kidnap them. The Sahara Desert is very renowned for this type of crime. After kidnapping the immigrants, the criminals sell them as a slave.

Also, some dishonest people want to be rich quickly, and the innocent immigrants and their families are being totally destroyed. Though Slavery is officially abolished, it still exists in some countries in Africa.


Children, adolescents, and women are mostly the victim of this. African migrant children, women, and adolescents are at the top considering the risk of abuse.

Besides, if the migration is irregular, it is extremely dangerous for the children. There were a huge number of stories of abuse when people tried to migrate from Africa to Europe.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) research, more than 1200 migrant children died from 2014 to 2020 while crossing the Mediterranean.


The world’s population is growing rapidly, and different economic, environmental, cultural, political problems are increasing at the same time.

For this reason, a huge number of people immigrate to different countries to live a better life. However, many of them are unaware of the risk of immigration.

That is why we have discussed the risks of immigration in detail. Everyone should know this before deciding on immigration.

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