What causes brain cancer?

What causes brain cancer?

A brain tumor occurs when there is an abnormal growth of cells in the brain. The brain tumor can develop from underlying cancer or may arise from other types. Many primary tumors or cancers arise in the brain, including meningioma (acoustic neuroma), pineoblastoma (ependyma), and oligodendroglioma. There are various causes of brain cancer.

The type and origin of the cells decide the stage of brain cancer. Brain cancer can be fatal and may lead to other health issues. Brain cancer research is slow because of its complex nature. The researcher is still figuring out the real cause of brain cancer. In between, if you notice any signs, consult a doctor at Cytecare Hospital Bangalore

Therefore, in this article, we will see what causes brain cancer and what treatment is available. 

Common causes of brain cancer

The causes of brain cancer include: 

  • DNA Mutation:

Cancer is when a cell loses its ability to die. It is thought to be due to a change in the DNA structure. The cells are immortalized or in simple terms. They multiply quickly and increase rapidly. These abnormal cells don’t have a place to move and begin lumping at the site, creating bumps and tumors. These cells infect other cells quickly and can make them cancerous.

  • Gender and age:

Brain cancer can occur at any age, but its likelihood increases with age. However, brain cancer is more common in men than in women. On the other hand, females are more likely to develop non-cancerous tumors.

  • The inheritance or family history:

Genetic conditions can also cause cancer. Cancer is more common in children of patients with cancer. Many patients get cancer from their family member and their genes. If anyone from your family witnesses cancer, you may also have a chance of witnessing the same. 

  • Conditions:

Cancer is more common in medical conditions like neurofibromatosis, Turcot syndrome, Turlin syndrome. There are various health conditions, primarily chronic, that can lead to brain cancer. 

  • Miscellaneous Causes:

Carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) include smoking, alcohol, hair dye, and other chemicals. UV radiation sometimes causes skin cancer. It is not known if these UV rays cause damage to the brain’s cells. However, experts explain that brain cancer could be linked to mobile phone use. 

Furthermore, brain cancer can be linked to living near high-power lines. Children who have been exposed to radiotherapy as part of other treatments may be at greater risk for developing brain cancer.

Unnoticed causes for brain cancer

Brain Tumors Most Commonly Caused by Uncontrolled Cell Growth (Brain Cancer): There are many types of cells in the brain, each with a unique function. Uncontrolled growth of brain cells can lead to tumors.

A tumor found in the brain could be either benign or malignant. While a benign brain tumor may not be cancerous but a malignant tumor may be. A benign tumor will remain in its original place. However, it can grow huge and cause pressure to critical areas. A malignant brain tumor can spread and cause cancer.

Cancer that starts spreading in other organs also starts spreading to the brain. It can develop in the brain (Primary Cancer), or other types of cancer may spread it. There is a high chance of developing cancer in the brain if there are any types of cancer in any other body area. It is called secondary (metastatic brain tumor). Metastasize can also occur in brain, breast, skin, and lung cancers.

How cell mutation leads to brain cancer?

Mutations that can cause brain tumors are often present years or decades before cancer is diagnosed. 

Like all cancers, brain tumors are caused by mutations in the body’s DNA that cause the uncontrolled growth of cells. Brain tumors cannot be caused by an external factor such as a virus or bacteria. There aren’t any known lifestyle factors that can cause brain tumors like smoking and lung cancer. The hard truth is that it is impossible to prevent them from developing.

If you’re facing a brain tumor, it’s important to remember that it is not your fault and that you have the power to approach it without guilt or shame. It is a result of the above. The cell mutation increases and causes a severe problem in the DNA. As it increases, there is a greater chance of developing cancerous cells. 

If you notice any signs and symptoms, make sure to consult the doctor. Many people want to know the reasons for this. On the other hand, researchers are still finding what causes brain cancer?

Diagnosis and treatment

Tests that examine the nervous system helps to diagnose brain cancer. The doctor will test basic senses, such as vision, hearing, mental ability, and reflexes for a brain cancer diagnosis. Treatment for brain cancer may include radiotherapy, surgery, or chemotherapy (or a combination thereof).

Brain cancer symptoms include severe headaches, personality changes, weakness in the arms or legs, and abnormal eye movements. Brain cancer can also manifest as nausea, vomiting, and sleepiness.

One can treat primary brain tumors with surgery. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy can also be used if cancer has spread. According to the patient’s needs, the doctor may use any combination of these treatments.

The doctor may suggest performing the diagnostic and laboratory tests. Many oncologists prefer to have a full-body examination. It helps to detect the location of cancer and tumor. Besides, the doctor will provide a pre-treatment plan for the same. In addition, targeted drug therapy helps reduce the symptoms of brain cancer. 


Many researchers are still struggling to figure out the exact reason for brain cancer. However, the triggering pain in the head is the real cause of brain cancer. Therefore, it is essential to identify the difference between migraine and triggering a headache. 

There isn’t a convincing theory as to what causes brain tumors. Many other theories keep popping up, suggesting different causes for brain tumors. One popular theory is that mobile phones can cause brain cancer. Besides, radiation does hurt health. There are various causes of brain cancer due to radio waves. 

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