What causes lower back spine pain?

What causes lower back spine pain?

Lower back spine pain is concerned with spinal pain in the lumbar region or lower area of the back. Spinal pain can occur in both the lumbar region (lower back) and the cervical region (neck area). These are the highly prevalent areas that often cause pain during working days. The causes of lower back spine pain often make you lose your working capacity. Along with these sites, the thoracic spine is also the spinal site where the spine is more rigid and is less frequently prone to injury than the lumbar and cervical spine.

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Lumbar Spine (lower back) and the cervical (neck) pain

The lumbar and cervical spine are leaned to strain. This is because these areas are open to weight-bearing functions. They can move with the twist, bend, and movement. Lumbar muscles are subjected to stretch or tear when fibers of the area move abnormally. A lumbar sprain occurs when the ligaments, holding the bones together, are stretched unusually. This can result in a sudden injury or the gradual overuse of the body part. When the lumbar spine experiences stress or strain, the soft tissues become inflamed. This causes severe pain and muscle spasms. It is not always necessary that you may require neurosurgical attention for the lumbar sprain or strain. On the other hand, spinal pain is also caused by the severity of the surgical conditions. The pain can radiate into the arms, legs, and around the rib cage going through the anterior of the chest.

Low back spine pain facts

  • The causes of lower back spine pain may vary depending on the origin of the pain or the trigger point.
  • The function of the lower back spine or the lumbar area is to support the structural area of the body, create movements, protect the tissues of the back area, and support the back with ease of movement.
  • Pain in the low back spine area can also be the result of conditions affecting the bony lumbar spine, intervertebral discs or discs between the vertebrae, ligaments present around the spine and disc area, muscles of the low back, internal organs of the pelvic and abdomen, spinal cord and the nerves, and the skin covering the lumbar area.
  • The treatment of low back spine pain depends on the diagnosis or the suspected cause of the pain. For acute back pain, you can use home-based remedies like doing stretches and exercises or switching to a fiber-rich diet- this may give you little relief from the pain.

What are the common causes of lower back spine pain?

The common causes of lower back spine pain include nerve irritation, lumbar spain, lumbar radiculopathy, bony encroachment, and the medical condition of the bone and the joints.

Lumbar strain: It is one of the most common reasons for low back spine pain. The injury can occur because of the overuse of the tissues, improper use of the back, sudden wear or tear or any sudden jerk, or trauma. It can affect people in their 40s but can originally start at any age.

Nerve Irritation: It is caused by mechanical pressure. It affects the roots of the spinal cord attaching to the skin surface.

Bony Encroachment: It is the result of the growth or movement of the vertebrae of the lumbar spine. It limits the space of the adjacent spinal cord and the nerves. Arthritis, slippage of one vertebra from the vertebral column or spondylolisthesis, and spinal stenosis or compression of the nerve roots- are the major causes of encroachment.

Conditions of the bone & joints: It can result from the birth delivery, wear and tear of the degenerative or injury, inflammation caused by arthritis, or the pain in joints.

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