What do you mean by Git and GitHub?

Git is referred to as the open-source version control system and GitHub is the company that is hosting the code repositories that is the collection of various codes for different projects. Also, it is seen that any of the repositories are open source that means that are available publically this way the programmers learn various skills from each other due to the open-source materials. It is the open-source version of control software that is assisting people to make the changes distinctly to web pages at the same time. It is the most used platform by web developers and it is also asked in various web development interviews. There are many web development interview questions and answers pdf defined for getting the appropriate knowledge about the field of web development. 

As discussed above, GitHub hosts the Git repositories. Git is the popular control version that allows its users to create a history of the changes that usually occur by time in code. Git is the example of the VCS and Github is the mixture of website and infrastructure which provides the git server and the number of useful tools for git repositories. Some of the important things that can be done are reporting issues with the code, reviewing tools, project management features such as assigning tasks and task statuses.

Brief Guide for the GitHub Usage

Github is useful in various terms in the form of knowledge and various other related aspects. You need to follow the below written steps to have the appropriate results in terms of its use. 

  1. Step one is to install git and create a GitHub account as per the guidelines of the company. 
  2. Further Step 2 is to create a local git repository for your usage.
  3. The third step is to add a new file to the repo.
  4. The next step four is to add a file to the staging environment
  5. Followed by the fifth step is to create a commit.
  6. Once you are done with creating the commit you need to follow the guidelines for the next step is the sixth step that includes the creation of a new branch
  7. After doing the required ste[ps that is till the 6th step then you need to create a new repository on GitHub as per the requirements and the guidelines. 
  8. Further after the completion, you need to push a branch to GitHub that is the 8th step.
  9. Next, you need to create a pull request (PR) and then Merge a PR accordingly.
  10. All you need to do is Get changes on GitHub and are back to your computer.
  11. Last but not least you need to bask in your git glory.


On the whole, GitHub is the most important part in terms of web development for both professional growth as well as individual development. These are the technologies that every developer should learn irrespective of their field of work. 

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