What does Congenital Heart Disease indicate in children?

Congenital Heart Disease can be detected at any point in time. So, the presence of this disease in children can be depressing. The cardiologists of Parvathy Hospital are very concerned. Although it is carried directly since birth, it still requires much attention. Even symptoms reflect uncannily. So, this can take violent form if it remains untreated.

Therefore, this article will focus on children having congenital heart disease. The main cause and diagnosis must be known. By doing so, one can get rid of this disease. 

Main symptoms of Congenital Heart Disease in children

The congenital heart disease concerning children won’t be a matter of tension. Still, if the matter turns serious, then that is different. Generally, treatment isn’t a must. So, detection of congenital heart disease is possible by certain signs. The symptoms that show up in children include:

  • A mother can sense that her baby is falling short of breath. Usually, during feeding time, this can be observed. Well, the body gives a sign of congenital heart disease.
  • The child can have blue skin. Usually, the skin can turn pale as well.
  • In many children, swelling becomes prominent. Their body parts are surrounded by pain at times.
  • Congenital heart disease concerning children can also have tiredness. Furthermore, the child would feel tired doing simple exercises also. Even breathing problems would be associated with it.
  • Many children faint during exercises. This marks the effect of the disease.
  • The child would face trouble in a small journey too. He can feel that tiredness has grasped him.

However, all these symptoms must be monitored. The parents shouldn’t take things lightly. Also, treatment must be done as soon as possible. By doing so, the children can be cured of this cardiac disease.

Can you prevent congenital heart disease?

Honestly, it is almost impossible to prevent congenital heart disease. This is because the child has carried it since his birth. But, certain measures can be taken to lessen its effects. Even medications become useful in this regard. 

Following that, there are certain effective preventive measures. So, congenital heart disease in children must be taken seriously. The preventive measures include the following:

Cutting down smoking and drinking 

Smoking tobacco can have a bad impact on a child’s health. Staying away from drinking and smoking can help. Such lifestyle changes can prevent this cardiac disease fast.

  • Pregnant women must go for a regular check-up

A pregnant lady should visit the doctor frequently. This can ensure that both mother and child are in safe hands. By doing so, the child can remain away from congenital heart disease.

  • Rubella vaccine can help.

Rubella infection can affect the child’s heart. So, a pregnant woman should be vaccinated for rubella. This can ensure that cardiac disease doesn’t hamper the child.

  • Stop engaging in harmful activities.

The pregnant lady must stay away from harmful activities. This is just to keep the child safe. Further, all household activities need not be attended by her. Following this, the cardiac disease won’t affect the child.

  • Monitoring blood sugar level

The mother should go for check-ups for her diabetes. The child can be affected if blood sugar gets high.

  • Intake of multivitamins along with folic acid

Multivitamins can boost your brain as well as the spinal cord. So, consuming this, the child can ignore heart defects. Further, the mother would also remain healthy by taking these medications.

  • Other health conditions must be managed.

The pregnant lady should take care of all health conditions. These conditions can trigger heart disease. In this process, the child might catch up with some.

Therefore, congenital heart disease in children should be cared for. Proper preventive means can eliminate the risks also. Further, cardiac disease can turn complex too. So, one must consult a cardiologist regularly.

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