What Drug Crimes Are Felonies?

Generally, consuming illegal drugs is well known immoral action for the all-time and in all places across the globe. And in some counties and states, it is considered a felony or punishable offense. Drug crimes are not only limited to consumption. Suppose someone traffics drugs or trades drugs. Then it will also consider as drug abuse and a felony.

Different countries have different laws and rules regarding drug crimes. Usually, what we understand by drug crimes is that abusing illegal drugs. In some locations or countries, if you possess the illegal drug without any valid reason. Then you will be charged for drug crimes.

In this writing, we will understand what drug crimes are considered as felonies and also Moose Jaw drug charges lawyer. So keep reading the entire article for more.

Different types of drug crimes:

There are various types of drug crimes all over the globe. But in general, the most common type of drug crime is drug abuse or illegal drug trafficking. Nonetheless, regardless of the types of the crimes, all the drug crimes are punishable offenses or felonies. Some common types of drug crimes may include the following list:

  • Illegal drug possession
  • Illegally buy, sell or trade drugs
  • Manufacturing illegal drug material and substances
  • Drive under the influence of drugs
  • Cultivating any drug plants and many more.

What are drug crimes considered criminal offenses?

There are different types of categories of drug crimes. All drug crimes do not entitle to the same punishment. The penalty or punishment will depend on the specific crime and the situation of the crime. Every situation is unique to another.

For example, someone is trafficking drugs for money, and on the other hand, someone is forced to traffic drugs. Of course, both crimes are not the same and will not entitle to the same punishments. Some serious drug crimes are always considered criminal offenses or felonies. A very brief description is given in the following:

1.     Illegal drug possession:

According to the Canadian Health and safety code, it is considered a felony if someone possesses illegal drug substances. In some cases, possessing a certain amount of drugs for a valid reason is legal. But when people tend to have the drug for sale or trading.

It is completely illegal within the Canadian territory or nearby territory. No matter you are carrying drugs intentionally or unintentionally. If you are found with illegal substances, it will consider as a felony or criminal offense. Some illegal substances may include the following list:

  • Opiates
  • Codeine
  • Cocaine
  • Peyotes
  • Heroin
  • Some hallucinogenic substance
  • OxyContin
  • Hydrocodone (Vicodin)


2.     Trafficking drugs for trading:

Another drug crime that considers as a felony is drug trafficking from one place to another. Not only in Canada, almost everywhere, but this is also a very common drug crime. There is a certain amount of drugs that are known as controlled substances.

If someone traffics more than that controlled substances of any drugs. Then it will be a drug crime that is a punishable offense. Some illegal drug substances may include the following:

  • Cocaine
  • LSD
  • Heroin
  • Peyote
  • oxycodone,
  • hydrocodone, and many more.


3.     Distribution of drugs:

We have known so far that carrying, trafficking drugs are illegal according to Canadian law. Likewise, the distribution of drugs is also considered a drug crime. Usually, distribution refers to buy, sell, or exchange the drug.

Distributing doesn’t necessarily mean that you are buying or selling the drug. Suppose you engage with any action that refers to the distribution of the drug. Then you will be convicted as a drug abuser. And it is a punishable drug offense.

4.     Manufacturing the illegal drug substances:

If someone produces, manufactures any types of illegal drug substances. It will be considered a punishable drug crime. Drug manufacturing means producing drugs illegally. But if someone has a valid reason to do that within the controlled substances. Then it will not be as same as illegal manufacturing.

To fall under a felony does not necessarily finish the process of manufacturing as long as the manufacturing process begins. And then if someone is found guilty for that. It will be a punishable drug offense. The most common drugs that people tend to produce illegally are Cocaine, LSD, Heroin, Ecstasy, and many more.

5.     Driving your vehicle under the influence of drugs:

Another most common type of drug crime is, driving under the influence of drugs. If you are found driving your car under the influence of any drug. Then you may risk your own life and probably the others on the road.

Because the possibility of an accident is much higher when you are on any drug, that is why, according to the Canadian drug law, it is a punishable drug crime. Though, the level of punishment will depend on the situation and the circumstance of the case.

The bottom line:

It is quite normal in Canada if you are charged with any drug crime. That is why you need to know about the drug crimes that are considered a criminal offenses. And also the punishment of those crimes. Suppose you are still confused about what to do about the drug crime charges.

Then, it is recommended for you to hire a professional Moose Jaw drug charges lawyer. A drug lawyer will guide you and assist you in reviewing your cases. Hopefully, this writing helped you to understand the basics of drug crimes.

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