What is 3D gait analysis?

What is 3D gait analysis?

Are you undergoing any training for CrossFit, marathon, or a 5K? Or, are you simply running to remain active and fit in general? Perhaps, you want to boost your performance. Do you want to walk or run pain-free?

Tired of hip, knee, ankle, or leg injuries? You can register yourself to get examined on Essex 3D gait, one of the world’s most efficient gait analysis techniques. 3D gait analysis is an injury verification protocol based on the University of Calgary’s biochemical research. The team was led by Dr. Reed Ferber. Gait analysis is highly recommended for runners who have to cover long distances. Apart from improving the performance of runners, gait foot analysis can prevent injuries down the line.

How does 3D gait analysis work?

3D gait is designed for athletes and is relatively precise and sophisticated than the ones found in stores. Besides, the system’s center is equipped with a 3d motion analysis tool that deploys several cameras to capture the running and walking biomechanics digitally. Next, these data points will be compared against a large database related to walking or running. Data related to the clinical injury derived from eighteen biomedical research labs worldwide will be compared against the points. The results derived from the comparison can generate a scientifically validated and personalized biomechanics report. These reports can pinpoint regions of inflexibilities and weakness that can be rectified.

The 3D gait analysis technique can be helpful for individuals who experience lower extremity troubles like ACL injuries, balance disorders, and arthritis. The data of Olympic athletes can be compared to recreational athletes aged eighteen to eight years old. This system can help analyze an athlete’s results with other athletes of the same skill level, age, and gender by comparing the person’s biomechanics. The goal of this analysis is to identify weaknesses throughout the entire body while determining the root cause of the current issue.

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