What is a Cloud Web Hosting Service and its benefits?

Whenever you look for the term hosting and website on google, you will surely come across the term cloud hosting. But did you ever try to understand what all the hype of cloud hosting is about? What does this term mean? Let us help you understand!

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting refers to the cloud that lets you spread your data across different locations through multiple and interconnected servers instead of hosting your app or website on a single machine. In cloud hosting, all the client data and resources get spread across different devices in multiple locations, which makes it possible for the users to access data from any location remotely.

It is a network infrastructure and server that uses software to turn a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. Often these servers are called Virtual Machines or VMs. Since all these servers exist in a virtual environment, it is given the name- cloud.

Over time even small businesses have started using cloud hosting to meet their everyday needs. These servers can be used for website development, web hosting, remote-accessible desktop work environments, and a lot more.

Cloud servers are also very powerful, and they have all the software installed within to run and function as independent units.

One such example of typical cloud services is Software as a service (SaaS). You need not to install any application on your device. Still, you can use it the way you like. What you need is a working internet connection.

What are the benefits of using Cloud Servers for businesses?

Now that you have an understanding of cloud servers, let’s look at the benefits that cloud server hosting service offers:

Remote accessibility- With a working internet connection, you and your team can access the files and applications stored in the cloud from anywhere. This setup is also ideal for the companies where employees are working remotely. Moreover, a Cloud server hosting service saves you from the hassle of storing your data in the devices and keeping it safe. With features like single sign-on or two-factor authentication, your data will always be safe in the cloud.

Scalability- A cloud-based environment offers great scalability and allows you to scale your data based on the variations in your business. To be sure that you only pay for the services and resources you use, you can sign-up for a monthly subscription.

Redundant server environment- Majorly, with most hosting, your site stays on a single server. If a problem occurs on that server, your website goes offline, and you will not be able to access the website until the server is fixed. But with redundant servers like the cloud, a site backup will take over the current website within seconds.

Speed & performance- Cloud server offers super-fast services with far better resources than a physical server at a similar price. If your website is cloud-hosted, it is sure to run faster as cloud servers increase your site’s capacity and allow better load balancing between multiple server environments.

Centralized Collaboration- Since all your data and files are stored at one location, it would become easier to collaborate with the team and share your work. All the team members with access will be able to edit and update documents and applications in real-time offering clear and constant access to the updated version.

Reliability- Cloud server hosting service is highly reliable as compared to the single server configuration where the whole system goes down in the occurrence of a single failure. When using the cloud, your website gets hosted on multiple servers (computers). If any hardware goes down, the other servers will jump in to make your website run efficiently. It makes using a cloud server the most reliable and safe.

Protection against Hardware Issues- With a cloud server hosting service, you get the peace of mind that your website is safe from any physical server issues like hacking, system overload, and hardware failure. If your physical server faces any issue, you can always take support from the physical resources of a different server without facing any downtime.

Affordable Pricing- When you hire hosting services, you pay a monthly fee regardless of the server resources you utilize. But with Cloud servers, it is not a case as you selectively pay for the services you are using. If your website is getting more traffic than usual, you don’t have to upgrade the package. Just scale up the resources when the traffic is up and vice versa.

With growing digitalization in business and they looking for secure and safe hosting services, the demand for cloud server hosting services is also rising. For companies and businesses, searching for scalability and speedy performance, it is worth giving cloud server hosting a try.

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