What is a V Belt Drive and What are Its Advantages?

A V belt drive refers to an efficient and flexible power transmission device that has the ability to transfer power between different shafts. These devices have the ability to fit snugly and tightly into a sheave’s grooves because of their unique shape. This provides them with additional stability as well as superior surface contact.

The basic mechanics

While explaining any particular belt drive system, you can talk about a couple of separate rollers that are bound by a thread running over their external periphery. In this way, these are able to transmit power to the driven member from the driving member. This happens to be the basic functioning of a V belt system where the two rollers happen to be pulleys while that thread happens to be the V belt. The good thing about these devices is that they provide an effective combination of traction, service life, as well as the speed of movement while fixing the issue of alignment and slippage.

What are they made of?

It is the fact that V belts are manufactured from natural and synthetic rubber which provides them with the elasticity and flexibility for bending into the sheaves. Some particular V belt drives have the ability to minimize their operating temperature with the inclusion of cogs plus enhance bending resistance.

Advantages of using V belts

It is a fact that the V-grooves offer remarkable grip resulting in the capacity of high power transmission. The drive likewise provides compactness because of the small distance between the pulley centers. Moreover, the pulley and the belt function smoothly and quietly. It is possible for the axis to be vertical, inclined, or horizontal. Lastly, these devices can help to dampen vibration to a great extent.

What helps to make V belts so popular?

There is little possibility for the belt to slip off since its shape will fit in the grooves of the sheaves or mating pulleys. Incidentally, they have been named “V” bills because of their trapezoidal cross-section. Furthermore, there will be an enhancement in the transmission of torque since these belts are going to wedge into the groove with the increment of load. This helps to make a V belt drive an effective solution that requires less tension and width, unlike flat and round belts. Apart from this, it is simple to install these belts and they do not need any lubrication while minimizing shock loads as well.

Nothing is perfect

It is a fact that nothing is perfect in this world, and a taper lock pulley as well as a V belt is also one of them. These types of belts are more efficient compared to the other types. This is because of the belt’s wedging action as well as the windage losses plus enhanced bending capacities.

Selecting the V belt

There are several different parameters that you should take into consideration while choosing a V belt at present. For instance, it will be sensible to verify standards while selecting these belts for any particular application.

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