What is Fire Safety, and Why is it Important?

What is Fire Safety, and Why is it Important?

We have seen quite a rise in deaths and trauma due to fire incidents. Fire hazards are one of the most dangerous hazards. If a fire breaks out, it does not stop or can be contained within a single parameter. If fire safety is not taken seriously, then there is a chance of loss of life and property. One cannot always know when a fire will break out but what we can do is take fire safety measures and make our house safe and secure for our loved ones and us.

But then the question arises why having such precautions is important? It is not every day a fire can break out, so why is it important to have safety measures in place? If you are asking these questions, then we are here to tell you why it is important to have safety measures across the house and why your house should be fireproof.

Precautions to avoid mishaps from fire accidents

Every year, around 500 children under the age of 14 are badly injured or killed by fire. The most prevalent cause of fire danger is a residential fire. The victims of residential fire hazards are mostly children as they are not well equipped to deal with a fire hazard. Most residences have no fire alarm, which is also one reason for a fire hazard. We need to always take precautions such as handling cooking appliances safely, checking cylinder tubes regularly, and being cautious around any fire-yielding object. You can protect your house through various methods and measures.

One such method is using fire retardant plywood offered by CenturyPly. CenturyPly has taken a beautiful step towards safeguarding us from fire incidents by introducing Firewall, a type of plywood that can stop the spread of fire to some extent as it is low flammable and has delayed flame penetration time. We all know in the event of a fire hazard, every second spared can help in saving life and property. So using plywoods that can effectively delay the spread of fire is a nice idea and is advisable for your home.

There are multiple other methods like having a fire extinguisher ready all the time, having regular fire drills, installing smoke alarms, having a fire escape plan, and keeping a fire station number always ready.

Understanding all these concerns, CenturyPly introduced a Firewall plywood sheet that has low burning and flaming rate and can help in making your beautiful home more secure and safe for not only you but your loved ones also.

Advantages of using a CenturyPly’s Firewall or fire retardant plywood

● IS 5509 compliant: CenturyPly’s Firewall is IS 5509 compliant. You can always test the genuinity of these sheets of plywood.

● ASTM E84 STANDARD: If that was not enough, the Firewall is also ASTM E84 STANDARD, which means it is tested and verified on all American and British standards.

● Fire resistance: The Firewall is specifically engineered with nanoparticles that can resist flame penetration, making the Firewall good fire-resistant plywood.


Firewall is fire retardant plywood which means it can catch fire at a very slow rate compared to other wooden materials. The special design and engineering around the CenturyPly’s Firewall ply have made it possible that it is fire retardant and takes a lot of time to spread the fire.

So in case a fire breaks out, if you have fire retardant plywood around your house, your chances of survival and less property loss are high. After all, in the moment of crisis, every second counts. It is advisable to use fire retardant plywood in the kitchen and around areas that use the fire most for better safety and protection.

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