What is the Secondary School Education System in Singapore High Schools?

A high school or a secondary school in Singapore is the kind of institution that offers a high school education after primary school. It is necessary for your child to attend high school education in Singapore to prepare for higher education in the future.

High school education in a Singapore high school lasts for around five years. The age of an average high school student in Singapore is around 13 years, and they can receive high school education till the age of 17 and 18. In this guide, you will learn about Singapore’s high school education system.


What is an Appropriate Age to Begin Attending a Singapore High School?

High school education is necessary for your child and everyone in Singapore aged 12 to 16. The high school path of a student is decided by the results of the Primary School Leaving Examination (PLSE). There are three pathways for general Singapore high school: Express, Academic and Technical.

In the beginning, high school education at international schools depends upon the curriculum offered by the respective schools. Schools that follow the British curriculum secondary include KS3 (Ages 11 to 14) and KS4 (Ages 14 to 16). A student will sit for the IGCSE exam at the end of KS4 at age 16.

The high school curriculum in top Singapore schools aims to improve your child’s higher-order thinking skills and encourages independent learning while preparing for the IGCSE exams. During the pre-university level, students can also opt for KS5 from ages 15 to 18.


What Topics Are Taught at the Top Singapore Schools?

High school/secondary school education in Singapore takes around four to five years to complete. Students in Singapore enter Secondary 1 to Secondary 5. The subjects that are offered at the lower secondary are mother tongue languages, Science, Math, Humanities, Character/Citizenship education, Design/Technology and many more.

Students in Singapore need to sit for the CCE N(A)-level for the subjects offered at O-level in Secondary 4 and GCE-O-level in Secondary 5. These are important for your child if you enrol them in top Singapore schools.


What Are the Types of High Schools in Singapore?

There are multiple types of schools in Singapore, and the government offers top-quality education under affordable fees. Schools that are run by the government follow the national syllabus of Singapore, but independent schools have more flexibility to decide the fees and curriculum.

Other than that, there are specialised independent schools that can cater to students with science, arts/sports, maths and much more skills. Other than all these, specialised top Singapore schools can offer your child a hands-on and experiential learning approach via international curricula.


Final Words

It is important for your kid to attend a Singapore high school if they want to opt for further studies in the future. Different curriculums are taught in different types of high schools in the country. You can choose a high school for your child based on the curriculum or environment they are comfortable with. 

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