What Profession Has the Highest Divorce Rate in Canada?

What Profession Has the Highest Divorce Rate in Canada?

Did you know? Even the profession of an individual can play a vital role as the leading cause of divorce. Sounds weird?

All around the world, the divorce rate is significantly increasing day by day by illustrating a clear image of the fragility of relationships. If we talk separately about the divorce rate in Canada and its reasons, we will get so many surprising factors.

Let’s look at the professions having a colossal risk of divorce rate in Canada, and if you are planning to go for an arranged marriage, this article is a must-read for you.

Top 7 Professionals With The Highest Divorce Rate in Canada

The term ‘Divorce’ is the indicator of the legal end of a marriage. People nowadays started being more aware of their rights, comforts, and needs, which help them strengthen their life decisions.

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions of an individual’s life. However, the persons from the below professions possess the highest percentage of divorce in Canada.

Gaming managers

Among all other professions, this profession holds the highest chance of divorce rate in Canada, which is statistically 52.9%. This number is so alarming, but what is the reason behind this rate?

Behavioral traits like dinking and gambling are so common in this profession to conduct meetings for financial transactions. So, in this profession, they daily get to know new people from various sectors and here the possibility of making relationships so frequently is a prevalent thing.

The most and noticeable factor in this profession is that their work itself aims to promote infidelity. A relationship like marriage, where infidelity has its place, is sure to break off today or tomorrow.


According to the profession, the second position of holding the highest divorce rate in Canada goes for the bartenders. If we talk about the numbers, the percentage is 52.7%, only 0.2% less than the gaming managers.

This number is shocking when it’s about estimating the future count about relationships. The main reason behind this high divorce rate for bartenders is the environment of their workplace.

Their workplace is such a place where they can get an available amount of alcohol whenever they want, and a plus point is a huge number of people available in the bars ready to hook up at any time any place.

Gaming Service Worker

The percentage of divorce rate for gaming service workers in Canada is 50.3%. Gaming service workers mainly work to provide service, and their special task is to make good relationships with people to keep the connectivity.

Sometimes, to keep the connectivity, they get mentally or physically involved with other people, cheating toward their married partner. In this profession, gaming establishment is always the main focus, and sometimes they get more important than familial relationships.

Factory workers

Factory workers are mainly regarded as less educated and less skilled personalities.

As their work doesn’t require much-educated background, it requires more physical hard work, and most of them need to stay a long time in the factory for work purposes.

In places like this, they get a big chance to get intimate easily with another co-worker.

Moreover, their lack of proper education allows them to do it without thinking about morality, ethics, or marital relationships. Sometimes they take it as a part of entertainment and are not even guilty for it.

Massage Therapist

This profession doesn’t need an explanation why it holds the highest rate of divorce in Canada. Everybody is very well known about the work of a massage therapist.

They need to get very close to their clients physically who come to take massage service from them. Also, the service cannot be given without touching the body directly.

So, here the chance of getting physically intimate is very high, and they can frequently change their partners as they get a huge number of clients in their profession.

Dancers and Choreographers

This dancing profession also holds a very high risk of getting divorced in Canada. Researchers say that the approximate rate of divorce for dancers and choreographers is 46.8%.

The biggest reason for divorce in this profession is that intimacy. Dancing and teaching dancing through choreography or dancing with partners may require getting physically intimate.

Sometimes it’s even uncomfortable for the dancers or choreographers to pull out the outcome. As a partner, very few people may allow their partners to get intimate with their co-artists for work purposes.


This profession is surprisingly at the lowest number of holding the highest divorce rate from the above jobs. According to the estimation, this profession should be in the first place, but surprisingly it is not in Canada.

Entertainers always get a huge fanbase for those who are ready to do anything from them. So, technically it’s easy to get involved in multiple relationships.

Final verdict

In whatever profession you are planning to build your career, always balance your personal and professional life. If we look at this issue from an ethical perspective, nothing can interfere or disturb your marital relationship until you let it come between you two.

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