What Verbs Can You Use in Your Research Essay?

What Verbs Can You Use in Your Research Essay?

To write a successful paper, let’s examine the general process. Your research is done, you have decided to write a paper that tells your findings, and you have planned your manuscript. The process seems correct, but it isn’t exactly right. Research has been conducted, a paper has been decided upon to report your findings, and the manuscript has been structured. However, you can get Research Essay Writing Help anytime at the BookMyEssay platform and hype your grades.

It’s not just the concepts you report and the way you present them that make it a great article. Your language itself plays a significant role in how your work is received. As a rule, the language needs to be formal and academic, and the terminology needs to be specific to the field you are studying. The most important aspect of an outstanding paper is the articulation of the arguments in a clear and concise manner. It is vital that you use verbs appropriately to accomplish this. The specific action word is even more important when it comes to research papers because they often describe methods and processes. It provides suggestions on how to select the most appropriate verbs for your writing project.


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Let’s first review what a verb is. Verbs are very important parts of a sentence as they indicate an action or a state of being. Verbs are typically necessary for the construction of a complex sentence. There are also numerous kinds of verbs, including action verbs (that demonstrate specific actions), auxiliary verbs (words used by verbs to show their tenses or whether the verbs are positive or negative), and modal verbs (auxiliary verbs expressing abilities).

Here are some of the tips for Write My Essay on professional essay write-up:

  1. Phrasal Verb: Whenever we think or speak of something, we tend to write about the way we feel. Phrases such as “discover,” “disintegrate,” “assemble,” and “heat” are phrasal verbs. Replace them with more formal counterparts, such as “discover,” “disintegrate,” “assemble,” and “heat.”
  2. Extra-Ordinarily Remarkable Verses Impressive: Use formal language to emphasize your points. It is important that the meaning is not overshadowed by complicated words. You should use powerful, yet clear language.
  3. Adverbs: Though they are not verbs, the adverbs you choose also determine the effectiveness of your verbs. It is best to avoid putting “very” or “quickly” in the sentence. Put in a formal substitute like “substantially” or “immediately”.
  4. Reporting Verbs: Apply to academic writing and should be used in the right context. In many cases, we want to report a finding strongly, but at other times, adopting a tentative or neutral tone is more appropriate. You should carefully choose the reporting verb depending on your intentions in such cases. Here are a few examples: tentative (hypothesize, imply, suggest), neutral (note, interpret, discuss, reflect, observe), strong (establish, disregard, highlight, recommend).
  5. Do Not Use Contractions: Such as “isn’t,” “won’t,” or, as indicated in the subheading, “don’t.” The use of these contractions will make your language sound informal. When possible, expand your sentences with words such as “is not,” “will not,” and “do not.”

The past tense of the verb determines the difference between a weak verb and a strong verb. In the past tense of weak verbs (more commonly known as regular verbs), adding -ed, -d, or -t to the present form—or base form—of the verb is necessary, such as call, called, and walk, walked.

Many of today’s irregular verbs are descendants of Old English verbs, and only 200 of them are strong in the modern sense. Many of these irregulars are just one syllable in length, so they are among the most common in the language. Professional essay writing help is also an option if you aren’t sure about write-ups.

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