When should I take my child to an ENT?

When should I take my child to an ENT?

ENT is an Ear, Nose, and Throat issue that often makes children go for doctor visits. There are many ENT problems because of which children may find it difficult to perform regular activities. Child healthcare could pose many challenges. It often makes parents seek consultation with a specialist. An ENT specialist plays an important role in child care. It treats various common issues that may persist in a child’s life. However, it could be confusing at the same time. Many infections are caught at an early stage of life. Running nose, problems in hearing, snoring and issues in chewing or swallowing food are some of the common issues that may happen with a child. And because these symptoms overlap with the responsibilities of a pediatrician, it becomes confusing to seek consultation.

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An otolaryngologist specializes in treating disorders related to Ear, Nose, and Throat. ENT symptoms are common in kids. This is because they easily catch infections, viruses, and parasites present in the air. Also, they have weak immune systems that are vulnerable to many diseases. However, these issues are usually minor. There can be the chances that a child may get sick due to cold, cough, running nose, nose bleeding, etc. these things are easily manageable by a pediatrician. However, if the problem persists for a long time, you may need to consult a specialist.

Following are the signs that indicate it the high time to see an otolaryngologist for ENT infections:

If your child snores a lot, it could be a matter of concern

  • If your child snores continuously while sleeping or while doing any other activity, the matter should not be left unattended. It could be a symptom of bad health.
  • This might create issues in the future where the child may get continuous snoring issues. You need to see an ENT specialist for the same.
  • There are a variety of health issues such as sleep apnea. At such a young age, there can be chances of malformation of facial bones. Even certain physical behavior or bedwetting are also symptoms of bad health.
  • Such symptoms persist early in life. They can be detected through breathing habits.
  • Inform early about the habit of child snoring. Consult an ENT specialist and make a checklist of food to be taken.
  • There may be a chance that your doctor may refer you to an ENT specialist. Do not hesitate to look for any consultation. It is a matter of a child’s life. There can be different symptoms at different times which may be the cause of any health disorder.

Cold and Cough are normal at a young age. But, make sure it does not persist for the whole winter. It could be the sign of sinus

  • Small kids are prone to getting cold. Their immune system is still in the stage of development.
  • There may be a chance of a runny nose. They may develop frequent cases of running nose, cough, or sneezing. But, if certain cases like water in the eyes along with running nose take place, it is high time to consult a doctor.
  • It is completely normal if a child has a common cold. Most of the time, it is viral which can be treated through antibiotics.
  • Consult the doctor for the type of antibiotic to be given while the child is facing a common cold.
  • If your child’s cold lasts for more than seven days, it can be a matter of concern. In such a case, consult an ENT specialist immediately.

What can you do if your kid is prone to ear infections?

  • Consult your ENT specialist if you can help your child wearing ear tubes.
  • Ear tubes help to improve the hearing of the child
  • Ear tubes make a helpful tool to cure infections
  • You can make a habit for your child by wearing ear tubes. It will prevent ear infections in future
  • Check for the hearing capability of your child. Check the presence of fluid in the middle of the ear. Language attributes are also important when you are about to consult an ENT specialist. He/she will suggest to you the right way to use the tool.
  • In case the child suffers from an ear infection, consult an ENT specialist before applying ear tubes.

An ENT specialist treats more than Ear, Nose, and Throat. Try to make a checklist of your child’s issue and concern ENT specialist for early detection.

  • Ear infections, running noses, and tonsillitis are some of the common issues that may happen with a child. This may let you consult a pediatric ENT consultant.
  • A pediatric ENT consultant looks after everything starting from head to neck. They may treat the issues related to:
  1. Hearing problem
  2. Facial fractures
  3. Issues with food swallowing
  4. Balancing issue

‍ There could arise many reasons to consult a pediatric ENT consultant. An ENT will give a better insight into the things to help a child grow healthily. 

Nosebleed is another common issue that children may face especially during the change in temperature

  • It is normal to bleed in summers due to heat. But if the condition persists in winters, it is a matter of concern.
  • Children who get nosebleeds specifically without having any disease, need to be treated by an ENT specialist.
  • An ENT specialist will tell you the exact cause of nose bleeding. Most of the children end up with nose bleeding throughout their life. This is mainly caused due to trauma to the nose or any physical obstruction. However, if the nose bleeds, it may not be a matter of concern.
  • If your child has persistent nose bleeding, it is a sign you should consult an ENT specialist.
  • A child could have inflamed nasal passages that may cause persistent bleeding. In such a condition, the child may develop sinuses, nasal polyps, or a deviated septum.

Other Infections- In addition to ear, nose, and throat look for other infections

If there is a need for consultation with an ENT specialist, try to consult once a year. Many infections may cause frequent school absences for a child. Both sinus and tonsils are common infections in a child that may affect their quality of life. Try to take the first step while consulting a pediatric ENT consultant. When these causes problems to a child, a visit to an ENT specialist is valuable.

 Where to seek help for pediatric ENT care?

If your child is having any underlying disease, it is normal to consult a physician or specialist. Do not hesitate to talk to a doctor. You can consult the staff at Saifee Hospital that is trained to provide quality services. The hospital has achieved excellence in terms of providing holistic and curative care to individuals. The hospital aims at providing therapeutic services with a world-class ambiance. It treats the patients with dignity and respect.

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