When Should You Accept an Injury Settlement?

 You met with an accident and filed a personal injury claim so that you can get money for your medical treatments and other expenses. But, what you see is that the insurance adjuster comes to meet you the next day. You might feel blessed that the insurance company has responded so soon and it cares for you from the bottom of its heart. But, actually, it’s a trick of the insurance company to pay you less money against the claim filed.


The insurance adjuster investigates the accident and tries to find out ways to limit your entitled settlement. The adjuster even asks tricky questions so that you end up admitting that it’s your fault. The insurance company tries to close the settlement early so that you accept a low amount without knowing the details better.


Many people fall for this trap because they need financial aid for medical treatments immediately. But, you should not.


The first thing to do after a personal injury accident

No matter how minor or major your injuries are, you should receive medical treatment immediately after the accident. This will help you identify the extent of your injuries and the required treatment for the same.


Some injuries don’t show symptoms right away. You will need physical examinations and imaging tests for the same. So, a hospital trip is important after the accident. Just keep in mind that you have certain days to seek medical attention and fight for the claim based on it.


The best time to accept personal injury settlement- After maximum medical improvement 

If you accept the personal injury settlement before maximum medical treatment, you will not know the total medical cost. If the medical cost is more than the received settlement amount, you will have to pay the balance amount from your pocket. The insurance company will not accept the reclaim.


Sometimes, the injuries feel better. Even doctors say that everything is alright. But, you very well know that injuries worsen over time and anything can happen if they are treated properly. So, you should give your injuries enough time to heal. You shouldn’t rush to get the settlement amount in your bank. We recommend accepting the settlement amount when you get back to normal life and start your daily routine.


The medical cost not just includes the severity of your injury but other factors as well. The factors are the length of treatment, recovery timeline, and the impact of the injury on your life. You calculate the total medical cost including these factors. It’s a bit difficult, so you should seek help from a personal injury lawyer.


Other than medical cost calculation, the personal injury lawyer will help you determine the right to accept the injury settlement.


Is early acceptance of the injury settlement bad?

No, the early acceptance of the injury settlement is not bad. If you think that money is needed for initial treatment or the injuries are minor, you should accept an early settlement offer. It’s because your health is more important than money. But, you should consult a personal injury lawyer here as well. The lawyer will help you negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company.






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