Which are the latest prostate cancer treatments in India?

Which are the latest prostate cancer treatments in India?

Choosing prostate cancer treatments depends on many factors. Once you witness signs and symptoms, it can be discomforting. But, expert advice can ease down the treatment procedure. As time goes by, cancer progresses and increases the risk. Besides, there are three primary prostate cancer treatments available. It includes organ-confined prostate cancer Active Surveillance (AS) surgery and Radiotherapy. 

However, if you are in any doubt, it is always beneficial to take expert advice. Besides, you can appoint the best cancer doctor in India for a medical examination.

Latest Prostate Cancer Treatment that is efficient

  1. Open surgery

Treatment for prostate cancer requires the removal of the prostate completely. In addition, the doctor performs the seminal veins operation. It is also known as radical prostatectomy. There are two types of prostate cancer treatment known as radical prostatectomy. It includes open-radical retropubic prostatectomy or laparoscopic prostatectomy.

  1. Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy (RRP)

The invasive surgical procedure eliminates the seminal vesicles and prostate. The surgeon will perform the procedure using five 1-cm incisions. It forms the form of a fan along the abdominal wall. The surgeon will perform the procedure with a robotic surgical aid device. Besides, the device is DaVinci(r) Surgery System. It takes 2.5-3.5 hours to complete, with the hospital stay lasting for 24 to 48 hours.

  1. Radiation Therapy

Radiation treatment is a non-invasive procedure for prostate cancer. Besides, it uses the x-ray or gamma-ray to drop cancerous prostate cells. Prostate cancer treatments include various types of radiation therapy. Yet, the doctor provides each patient with a custom treatment plan. In addition, it is based on the type of cancer, particular symptoms of the patient, and general health.

Which are the latest techniques in radiation therapies for cancer treatment? 

Radiation therapy is one of the best options to treat prostate cancer. There are many techniques in radiation therapy. It includes:

  1. External Beam Radiation

An x-ray machine, also known as a linear accelerator delivers the exact result. The treatment is provided every day, five days a week. Below are the four main methods.

  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
  • Volumetric Arc Therapy (VMAT)
  • Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)
  • Proton Beam Radiation:
  • The therapy uses particles (protons) in place of electromagnetic (photon or x-ray) radiation. It helps to destroy cancer cells.
  1. Prostate Seed Brachytherapy

Radioactive seeds provide massive doses of radiation. The doctor gives therapy in a small area. It allows them to provide a greater dose of radiation to cancer cells in the prostate. Seed placement is used for ultrasound images. Yet, it helps to determine the location or the use of ultrasound images. when the actual procedure is being performed to position radioactive seeds.

  1. High Dose Rate Radiation

A high dose rate (HDR) therapy is like seed brachytherapy. But, instead of putting radioactive seeds inside prostate tissue. In addition, the catheters link to empty needles and are inserted inside the prostate. The doctor gives a radioactive source inside the needles.

What is the role of hormone therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer? 

Androgens like testosterone are hormones that may trigger prostate cancer tumors. Yet it also provokes to increase in size. ADT blocks testosterone from being a cancer-causing agent for prostate cells. Hormone therapy is available to prostate cancer patients. Besides, it’s the most common treatment option for those who have cancer patients. Yet, other areas within your organs (metastatic cancer).

Other Prostate Cancer Treatments that are New and Innovative

  • Cryotherapy, also known as cryotherapy (also called cryoablation or cryosurgery). It is a method to treat prostate cancer localized by freezing cancerous cells.
  • HiFi: HIFU, also known as High-Intensity Focus Ultrasound. It is an alternative for patients diagnosed with organ-confined prostate cancer. The procedure involves precise ultrasound waves. Besides, it increases the temperature in the prostate tissue. In addition, it can increase up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit within 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Chemotherapy is the use of drugs. The doctor provides either or via mouth to slow the growth of cancerous cells. Besides, the doctor utilizes chemotherapy when prostate cancer is spreading beyond its gland (metastasized).  However, if you compare chemotherapy with radiotherapy, it shows more results. 

Word of Wisdom

Prostate cancer treatment and medication are necessary to reduce the symptoms. Thus, make sure you get complete treatment. Besides, the treatments options may be traditional. Yet, the best cancer doctor in India will give a proper diagnosis and treatment for the same.  

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