Who is Liable in a Slip and Fall Accident?

Who is Liable in a Slip and Fall Accident?

In most cases, the debate in slip and fall situations is about who is responsible for the accident. Sometimes the victim is responsible for ignoring the normal etiquette of walking in the street. And the other time, it is the laziness of the property owner to clean the place. As a result, the victim meets a devastating accident.

So, let us briefly discuss which is liable in a slip and fall accident in a given situation. Stay with us.

Who is Liable in a Slip and Fall Accident?

If you meet any slip and fall accident and the medical expense can be massive, you should contact your slip and fall accident lawyer. Talk to the lawyer and listen to them before taking any action. It will become much easier for you to claim your compensation.

Causes of Slip and Fall Injury

In many cases, especially in the elderly, accident victims might have life-altering consequences. It is not uncommon for slip and fall cases that end in more than 100,000 dollars as compensation.

  1. Wet floor
  2. Slippery lawn
  3. Grassy sidewalks
  4. Bad lighting
  5. Problematic staircases
  6. Cracks worth repairing etc.

For these, you may have injuries broken ribs, hands or legs, spiral injury, knee injury, brain injury, etc.

A doctrine of carelessness is used in personal injury lawsuits. It is the s a legal duty of the property owner to keep it free of dangers and in excellent repair. If they fail to perform these things, they have done negligent conduct, and according to the law, they need to pay for the victim’s loss.

How to Determine Who is Liable?

When it comes to slip and fall accidents, the owners will never accept blame easily because they will have to pay for the victim’s medical bills. They have several defences available to their lawyers to avoid paying their claims.

To establish carelessness, the victim must show that the owner was aware of the issue and had enough opportunity to correct it. But they did not fix it out of carelessness. If you have a witness in your case, it will be easier for you to weigh in your case.

These accidents happen in an unsafe situation on a property owners’ behaviour. That is why they need to take the liability for holding an unsafe premise. Typically judges see whether the owner followed the minimum rules for taking care of their property. For example, clean the slippery sidewalks in times of snow, if any cracks are in there, repair it or even mow the lawn in time. Some states have their separate rules on this basis.

Call your lawyer

The victims of slip and fall accidents might feel challenging to deal with the case alone. That is why you should contact a lawyer with enough experience in the given field. They handle all the hassle with the insurance company, medical expenses, negotiation tactics, and other formal or informal court meetings. They work with a team that will deliver the best possible outcome of your case.

Many people may try to skip the lawyer’s fees by attending the matter by themselves. But trust us, you may lose all your chance to get the money. So, depending on a lawyer. And to be precise, lawyers take their fees from the portion of the compensation money. Even if you didn’t win the case, they would not charge you for that except for some basic expanse.

How Much Money as Compensation?

By just meeting an accident in a defective place will not bring you compensation. If you were careless during the accident, you must be taken responsible too. So, for the records, the process is not that simple. You both need to sit down with your lawyers in an informal meeting.

Then agree on the compensation. If it is not possible informally, the case will go to the court, and judges will look through it. But most cases are solved outside the court. Only the big company and big money cases come to court. So stay up to date and listen to your lawyer.


Your sole concern should be to get better soon, both mentally (from the trauma) and physically in recovery times. So, in that time, thinking about arguments for getting compensation may prove very crucial for your life. That is why leave these to the professionals with good experience. They will figure out a way to give you justice. Take care and be careful on the road!


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