Why are there so many Delaware corporations?

Your eagerness to know why there are so many Delaware corporations ends here. Delaware has a strong judicial history of solving corporate disputes for over 200 years. The centuries-old court’s role as arbitrator of a corporate takeover fight has brought national prominence in the last decade. The legal support of Delaware’s jurisprudence increases the Delaware limited liability corporation, among others.

So, check out the other reasons for the continuous increase in the register Delaware corporation than in any other state in the US.

Eight excellent reasons for why there are so many Delaware corporations

Apart from the superior judicial support provided by the laws enacted by the state, there are many other reasons for increasing the register of Delaware corporation. It includes geographical, structural, costs, ease of doing business, user-friendly policies, privacy, convenience, etc. A few of them for rising Delaware limited liability corporation include.

1. It is not mandatory for anyone to live in Delaware to incorporate a company in Delaware.

2. There is no need for even the name and address if having a Delaware registered agent with the Division of Corporation.

3. No other state in the US has a powerful corporate court system like Delaware, which is also respected and experienced for over two centuries.

4. Compared to any other state, the startup costs are the lowest in the US and worldwide.

5. The Delaware Corporation Law has the most flexible corporate statutes in the US for infusing dependability and predictability into Delaware’s corporate world.

6. As per the Delaware corporate statute, even one person can hold all the positions and even function as corporation LLC’s sole proprietor.

7. Enables filing of corporator on the same-day-basis and fast document retrieval service by allowing Delaware registered agents to have a direct online connection to the Division of Corporations’ electronic database.

8. It is easy to raise capital as many angel investors and venture capitalists prefer to invest in Delaware-registered corporations than in any other state.

For the above reasons and more, there is a continuous rush to register Delaware corporations for saving taxes and doing user-friendly business.

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