Why Depend on Conveyor Systems for Accurate Measurements?

Conveyor system manufacturers

Conveyor system manufacturers need to employ flow manufacturing techniques which reduce the following:

    -Idle Time

    -Product Waste

    -Cycle Time

    -Demand Scheduling

In order to do this, it is vital for the conveyor company to partner with the manufacturers. This is necessary to properly develop a customizable conveyor solution which will improve production. 

Conveyor System Impacts Efficiency

Conveyor system manufacturers need to grasp the difference in each production environment. There are many aspects that not only impact the production lines but also the supply chain. When production line equipment is properly matched with conveyor systems, production will increase significantly. Conversely when they are not properly matched, problems can arise. Production can slip and overall efficiency can decrease. Efficiency analysis uses what is called an Overall Equipment (OEE) rating. This measures how effectively the production line machines match the conveyor system.

Conveyor System Analytics

Conveyor suppliers match the manufacturer’s production goals in order to meet performance and quality requirements. Analytics can be used to quantify this measure by using the following:

    -Overall Operational Effectiveness (OOE)

    -Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP)

    -Manufacturing Cycle Time (MCT)

Overall Operational Effectiveness

This measures the approximate availability of actual production time over the operating time. 

Total Effective Equipment Performance

This is a measure which determines what the current equipment can handle. It determines the capacity available with the type of equipment in place.

Manufacturing Cycle Time

This is a measurement of time. This determines the amount of time required to create finished products at these points in time:



    -Stage Products

    -Convert Raw Materials into Products

Conveyor suppliers need to be cognizant of these measures to ensure that their systems are effective and efficient. It is also important they realize the future needs of the production line so their solution can be upgraded as needs change.

Importance of Conveyor Design

Conveyor system manufacturers design the conveyor systems in segments to handle the production line needs. The building blocks of any segment build includes:




Monitoring and adjusting these aspects can help to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. In order to address these things, it is important to consider diverter and merger components. These are vital to improving production flow to improve production line analytics.

The sorting devices of any conveyor system can include the following:

    -Dual Line


    -Saw Tooth

    -Pop Up Skewed Devices

    -Deflector / Plow

    -Deflector / Pusher

    -Pivot Diverter (Powered)

    -Chain Transfer (Pop up)

    -Tilt Tray

    -Slat Shoe

Although conveyor systems are designed in segments, it is important they all come together in a unified system. It needs to smoothly integrate the supply line to the production line to the packaging system. It needs to provide an end-to-end solution that meets all manufacturing needs. 

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