Why is the heart of Indian youth so weak?

Why is the heart of Indian youth so weak?

It was a few days ago that 29-year-old Raju was sleeping at night in his house in Delhi with AC running. At 4 o’clock in the morning suddenly there was a pain in his chest. It was so bad that he woke up. The body was soaked with sweat. There was no one in the house who could take Raju to the hospital. Raju creaked and endured the pain. The pain subsided within an hour, then I fell asleep again. When he woke up, he felt a little better, then Raju postponed the decision to go to the doctor. But from walking to walking the next day, he also faced problems in everyday work. So Raju decided to go to the doctor. After listening to Raju, the doctor advised him to get echocardiography done. Echocardiography revealed that the pain Raju had suffered 36 hours earlier was a heart attack. Raju was blown away after listening to the doctor.

He could not understand how a heart attack could come at such a young age. Statistics show that the cases of a heart attack at a young age are increasing day by day in India. According to an article published in a US research journal, by 2015, 62 million people in India had heart-related diseases. Of these, about 23 million people are below 40 years of age, ie forty percent.

Heart patients below 40 years of age. For India, these figures are shocking in themselves. According to experts, these figures are increasing the fastest in India in the whole world. According to healthdata.org, premature death means premature death.

Heart disease was the third leading cause of death in 2005, but in 2016 heart disease has become the first cause of premature death. Until 10 to 15 years ago, heart disease was often associated with the elderly, but in the last decade, the statistics of heart disease have started telling a different story.

According to the country’s well-known cardiologist and Padma Shri awardee Doctor Aman Manchanda, in fact, the heart of the youth of the country has become weak. Dr Manchanda is Prior to this, he had been the head of the cardio department in AIIMS for many years. According to him, the reason for a weak heart is our new age lifestyle. He considers five reasons as important for the lifestyle disorder spreading among the youth of the country.

Stress in life Bad eating habits Working long hours on computer electronic devices Smoking Tobacco Alcohol addiction and environmental pollution. Raju also told the BBC that he used to smoke cigarettes since the age of 22. By the age of 29, he had become a chain smoker, but two years after the heart attack, he has now given up smoking, but he still has to take three medicines daily for heart disease.

Stress is common in children nowadays at the age of reading. Not only this, wrong meal timings and long hours of use of electronic devices for reading are not new in the lives of students. According to doctors, the biggest symptom of heart attack is considered to be severe chest pain, often in a film scene, when someone has a heart attack, he slams his chest tightly.

Takes. Panic starts to appear in his eyes due to pain and he falls to the ground. We all think that in a heart attack it will be the same feeling as if our chest is being crushed, there is such a feeling but not always when there is no blood supply to the heart, then a heart attack occurs. Usually, due to some kind of blockage in the way of our arteries, blood does not reach the heart, that is why there is severe pain in the chest, but in some cases it has been seen that there is no pain in a heart attack. This is called a silent heart attack.

According to HealthData.org, even today, heart disease is the biggest cause of death due to various diseases in the world. According to Dr. KK Aggarwal of the Indian Medical Association, pre-menopausal heart disease in women is not the reason behind it, it is the sex hormones found in women which protect them from heart disease, but in the past few times, heart in women even in pre-menopausal age. Diseases like attacks are being seen.

According to Dr. Srinath Reddy of the Public Health Foundation, if a woman smokes or has been using contraceptive pills for a long time, then her body’s ability to fight heart attack naturally decreases. According to Dr. Reddy, after five years of menopause, the risk of a heart attack in women also becomes equal to that of men. There are many types of research that have found that women often ignore chest pain and therefore get treatment late. avoid heart attack

What to do for According to Dr. Aman, youth need to make changes in their lifestyle to avoid the risk of a heart attack. According to him. To some extent this change is possible with yoga, they consider yoga as the most effective way to prevent heart attack. Doctor Manchanda says that yoga not only removes stress, but people become calmer and more concentrated.

If you want to avoid heart attack, then avoid trans-fat. Apart from this, according to Dr. Aman, the government should also do some help to save the youth from heart disease. On the question of how the government can prevent heart attacks, Dr. Aman says that the government should impose more tax on junk food like the government imposes on tobacco and cigarettes, as well as warnings should be written in big bold letters on junk food.

The government can make rules for this. According to Dr. Aman, by doing this the problem will not end from the root, but awareness will definitely increase among the people. It is also often heard that heart attack is directly related to the cholesterol level of the body, so neither make nor eat fried food in more oil, but how much truth is there in this. Doctor Manchanda says that it is not from cholesterol but from trans-fat that the problem of heart attack can be more. Trans fat lowers the good cholesterol in the body and increases the bad cholesterol. Vegetables and dalda are the main sources of trans fat, so they should be avoided. According to experts, by following these methods, youth can avoid heart attack attacks.

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