Why Should You Consider Acronis Cyber Backup?

As cyber-attacks and hacking risks increase, adopting a website backup is more important than ever.A website backup allows you to restore the most recent version of your website with minimal interruption after a server outage or a security breach.

The internet is full of hackers and attackers that can access your website and steal your sensitive information. They usually erase all of your website’s files and data in one stroke, wiping off all of your hard work.


If you don’t have a solid server backup with all of your files and the most recent content on hand, you’ll have to rebuild your site from the ground up.That will take twice as much time and effort.

It causes your website to be unavailable for an extended period of time, jeopardizing your consumer relationship and endangering your company’s reputation.

As a result, leading and reputable web hosting providers include backup solutions as part of their web hosting plans to avoid such situations.

Many businesses now work with Acronis Cyber Backup, a dependable backup service that provides quick, reliable, and safe data backup and recovery for your website.


What is Acronis?

Acronis Cyber Backup is an offshore backup and restoration solution that can back up and restore the data on your server.This add-on backup solution safeguards the website’s data in a secure, dependable, and simple-to-use manner.

Acronis offers a complete website restoration and security solution at a low cost by combining a backup service with anti-ransomware technology.Seek a cheap Acronis provider if you are looking to minimize website outages and business revenue losses.


What Does Acronis Have to Offer?

The following features are available with Acronis Cyber Backup:


  1. Backup is simple and customizable.


Acronis provides an on-demand backup option for your website servers, enabling you to plan backups. Furthermore, it allows you to keep numerous backup sites in accordance with the total backup storage ordered.


You can use a single backup account to back up all of your servers. So you can choose to have a complete or partial backup or choose to have a daily, weekly, or monthly backup.


  1. Uninterrupted restoration


Acronis offers the option of restoring individual files and folders from the Acronis panel or restoring the entire server backup.


It also enables users to save a backup of their website to their personal computers. In addition, the backup can be restored to different servers in the same Acronis account.


  1. Dashboard with a user-friendly interface


Acronis offers a dashboard that displays a list of restoration locations with timestamps, a list of backed-up servers, and the status of their backup processes.


The backup schedules can also be configured using the simple dashboard options and parameters.


This dashboard offers you notifications, warnings, and all associated email notifications that have been backed up. Additionally, you have the option of reporting emails to yourself.


  1. Operating system support


Acronis works with and supports both Windows and Linux operating systems.


  1. The setup is straightforward.


Your provider manages the backup service configuration and account activation when you buy Acronis backup.


  1. Back up your data safely.


Data backups on the website are encrypted and protected in case of ransomware attacks.


  1. Storage capacity is adjustable.


The server backup is stored on the Acronis Cloud, so you don’t have to worry about running out of disc space.


You can get 50GB to 10TB of volume storage on the Acronis Cloud, which you may use to store your backup data.



Acronis Cyber Backup is an excellent backup and restoration option for virtual private servers and dedicated servers. It provides a full backup and restores service at a low cost.

Acronis Backup for Dedicated and VPS Servers is a trustworthy and secure backup solution that allows seamless, simple, quicker, and on-demand website recovery.

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