Why Zoysia Grass is Considered Golf’s Favorite Turf

There are thousands of golf courses around the country, and each is unique from the other. They all have in common the understanding that turf is of the highest priority. The conditions of the golf course grass matter for the appeal of the golf course and the playability.

Every turf type is unique. There are several factors to consider when taking care of turf. Some of these factors are:

  • Temperature
  • Disease
  • Fertilization

Understanding these factors and how they impact a turf is referred to as turf management. When turf management is mismanaged, it shows up as less than the picturesque appearance of the golf course grass. In turn, this leads to lower satisfaction of customers and worsening profits. Several turf types are used, but over time, one turf type that has become the most favored is zoysia grass.

Why is Zoysia Grass Seed So Popular?

Some of the reasons zoysia grass is so popular are its durability, adaptability, and lushness. It can weather the heat of summers, the dryness of droughts, and the heaviest foot traffic. All of these qualities have made it the top choice amongst turf grass seed suppliers to suggest to their clients. There are other turf types that can handle high and low temperatures as well. However, Zoysia grass is able to handle perhaps the widest range of climates experienced across the country.

The greenness of zoysia grass stays vibrant for longer while also not being very demanding when it comes to maintenance. They also conserve more water.

Types of Zoysia Grass

While there’s a large variety of zoysia grass, the two types that are arguably the most popular are Zeon and Zorro.

Zeon has a stunning emerald color when managed and fertilized well. It’s generally low maintenance too. When buying Zeon zoysia grass, make sure the variety is licensed and certified. In contrast to Zeon’s low maintenance, Zorro requires a little bit more care and attention. Most would consider it worth it because Zorro does not yellow easily, even in winter. Zorro was voted the best quality turf variety.

After choosing the turf variety, there are several other factors to take care of before, during, and after installation. Establishing zoysia grass can be more expensive than other turf types because it requires sodding before it can be installed. A successful installation can be time and money-consuming. However, this is worth it considering the perks of zoysia grass. Moreover, even though installation may be costly, there is a huge drop in maintenance costs.

Zoysia grass is thick, lush, and has a soft carpet of grass with sturdy root systems making it perfect for your golf course. To learn more, visit our website!

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