Yacht Cleaning: Most Important Job of Stews and Stewardesses

Yacht Cleaning: Most Important Job of Stews and Stewardesses

A yacht is a place for spending time on an exotic vacation with your friends where you party hard all day long. To take care of all the services and requirements on a superyacht, there are at least four to five stew and stewardess work hard to make a comfortable stay for guests. Being a stew or stewardess on a yacht is not an easy task and certainly, it is not as exotic as you think. If you are someone who leads a team of stews and stewardesses on board then you must be aware of chief stew cleaning tips, tips for maintaining yacht interiors, and other services that a stew or stewardess offers to guests.

A stew or stewardess on a superyacht is like a housekeeper or a host or manager who is responsible for the everyday running and smooth operation on a yacht like the maintenance of the yacht interior and providing hоѕрitаlitу ѕеrviсеs to the guests and owners. The most common services that stews and stewardesses offer on a yacht are cleaning, floristry, interior management, service & tableware, bedding and linen, and laundry. Keeping a yacht’s interior clean after of before a party is the most important job of stews. It is a full-time job for a stew and interior team to keep it in line with the owner’s and guest’s expectations.

Cleaning a Yacht

When it comes to cleaning and interior maintenance, you can learn several tips and tricks to make your cleaning works easy and efficient. When it comes to performing interior maintenance tasks, a stew needs to be creative with his work. Keeping an interior clean is done on a daily basis and requires a high level of skills to perform these operations in the most effective way to match the highest standards. You should follow the standard cleaning orders to perform your cleaning duties from room to room. The best order to follow when you start cleaning a yacht every day:

  • Eliminate all dust
  • Wipe down all surfaces
  • Cleaning of all the interior objects
  • Interior detail cleanings

As a daily cleaning routine, a stew or stewardess perform vacuuming, dusting, cleaning mirror/windows, and cleaning bathrooms & toilets. Cleaning carpets, curtains, and other fabrics are also an essential part of a strew’s cleaning job. He or she should know all the tricks to clean all kinds of Stains on fragile fabrics like how to remove a red wine or oil stain out of the carpet. Stews and stewardesses should know about the best ways to clean all kinds of stains from different surfaces and fabrics.

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