Your first Wireframe mobile app

Unfortunately, when you try to turn your dream into reality, misunderstandings and bad plans will hurt the industry. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent this mess. Creating a solid wireframe as a leader in basic functions is without a doubt the best template your designer can provide. This will ensure that your perineural dream becomes a reality that we can produce.

what is a wireframe?

A wireframe is a visual representation of individual elements embedded in an application or web page. Wireframes are commonly produced in black and white but are not limited to. They can be torn by hand or made using software programs or online tools.

Why is the wireframe important?

Wireframes are an important part of work and communication. Wireframes are converted directly into your app blueprint. The design is clothing, as it represents the naked body of the application. Wireframes also help communicate your vision to a mobile app or website you want to be specific to the developers in mobile app development company in India. The wireframing phase is done early in the design process and takes less time than most design processes. Wireframes are used to guide designers in the right direction when turning an idea into a working product.

The role of paper prototyping

The terms “paper prototyping” and “wireframing” can be used interchangeably, although the form and function differ between them. Paper prototyping should begin as soon as you determine who, why, and how in the application. Many people today question the importance of role prototyping. Some claim the paper is dead and swear by the benefits of digital prototyping. Still, some argue that pencil and paper enhance the design. Whatever your approach, the importance of the wireframing phase is not given enough weight. Wireframing significantly reduces the chances of misunderstandings with third-party developers. After all, your application is your brain, why not rise to visions other than your own?

Here are some steps you can take to start the process.

  • Think of it as a plan, include descriptions

Take, for example, an office building without a drawing, the builders have no idea how many floors to add, where to build different offices, where to place electrical outlets, plumbing, doors, etc. pa. of them contain some photos of other offices that you find attractive, the chances that they fit into your vision is one in a million. The same goes for application designers. Without a detailed wireframe, your designers will not know how to create navigation menus and set up images on popular design platforms such as Sketch or Photoshop. The more descriptive you are, the greater the chance that your vision will be reflected. Descriptions should include detailed information about on-screen functions, how they are performed, and what causes them.

Examples of our own wireframe template:

Remember, the more descriptive you are, the better. A solid foundation is what can create or break the final product. The greater the details of the wireframes, the clearer your vision will be heard by the designer and eventually the developer.

  • Hi-Fi is the right way to go

Hi-Fi or high fidelity wireframing translates not only the structure of the application but also the color and tone that the application should contain. This, in turn, is less imaginative compared to a simple hand-drawn sketch than a lo-fi wireframe. Well, that can be considered a trap or a positive. On the one hand, time can be wasted, and designers’ creativity can be overwhelming. On the other hand, because your designer doesn’t have to rely on his imagination, he can create a product that better suits your vision.

  • View stream, interactive prototyping

Go through the wireframes and make sure all the functions are on the intended screens. Make sure you highlight all possible error messages found on a particular screen. For example, “Traffic password”. Interactive prototyping comes into play here. Converting your static designs into fully interactive prototypes is even more convenient. There are many tools for everyone to create an application clickable mockup. Here at Messapp are our personal favorite tools for using Invision and Figma.

If your wireframes are already very detailed, a click mock-up can look so much more. But not really. Because you get an accurate idea of ​​how your application will work at such a young stage in the development process in web development services in India, you can make many improvements to improve your application. 

  • Cite your inspirations

If you have a specific application or maybe even some that inspire you, let your designer know. Elements of the application, such as design, user experience, and emotional feeling, are things you can choose and inhabit in your own application. Your designer can use these links to better understand the desired result.


Translating your dream into a designer and developer is essential. The wireframe stage is an application for its beautiful, flesh-free body. If you point the ship in the right direction, its goal is almost guaranteed.

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