Choosing Between Chicken or Turkey? Both are Great

Choosing Between Chicken or Turkey? Both are Great

What can you get from a meat butcher shop? Turkey, chicken, beef, lamb and other flesh that humans love to consume alone or with family and friends. The chicken cut by a professional butcher will separate the breasts, legs and thighs. They can provide the whole bird as requested with a fine finish.

The Meat House is a meat-selling outlet offering wholesale meat, delivering it for free. We are more than a butcher shop. We prepare chicken as per customer order. Even halal chicken is sold. There are no preservatives or additives in them. People buy chicken in medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Also another option is the hen and rooster. Tastes good like chicken. The Meat House has become a premier destination for buying chicken in Etobicoke, Toronto. We serve clients with unbeatable customer service.

The farms that respect the livestock and implement the best animal welfare practices provide the meat. They use a holistic approach that helps us put the fresh chicken on the menu. A different meat taste brings the customers back to the meat shop. The Meat House is happy to serve you any number of times.

Chicken Breast – Chicken breast’s skin can be removed or prepared with it. The fat and moderate-eating chicken lovers like the skin. The breast’s skin makes the chicken less dry. The chicken with skin becomes crisp when it’s baked.

Chicken Wings – The chicken wings are a delight to your eyes and ready to cook. They can be split from the top or prepared whole. Put them on a grill or oven, or bake the wings with juicy seasonings and sauces. The versatility of the chicken wings is limitless.

Chicken Legs – The chicken legs are protein-rich and full of flavour. Cook the legs moist. It is healthy and delicious. The quality of fresh turkey is what customers love. The Turkeys can be wild and domestic. Get a whole turkey, raw turkey wings, turkey drumstick, boneless turkey breasts, cutlets, and thighs for your dishes. You’ll even get your Turkey prepared on request from a meat butcher shop.

Chicken Thighs – Chicken thighs are tender, juicy and without bone. They help one with weight loss or preventing disease. Make the thighs with a tangy seasoning like paprika, parsley and ginger. The meal will become tasty.

Full Turkey – Buy the whole bird. You will have more meat to eat when you dine with a group. A turkey raised without antibiotics, chemicals or synthetics gives a strong value. A 100% vegetarian-fed diet and humanely taken care of on sustainable farms makes Turkey tastier. Your loved ones will be happy from your efforts of bringing a fine full Turkey. The great taste will not stop your gang from returning to you for an-other Turkey meal.

Turkey Wings – The high protein, vitamin, mineral, and calorie-filled turkey wing will satisfy your appetite. The fat in the turkey wing is in the skin. You can easily remove it for a lean or more petite dish. The wings give a vibrant flavour.

Drumsticks – Chicken or turkey drumsticks make a great dish. The precut drumstick makes it easy to cook. Add your favourite seasonings and bake or fry the drumsticks. They make a great lunch or dinner. Also, you can pair the turkey drumstick with vegetables.

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